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Graph Foundation Resolution for Future ONgDB Development

Today we are announcing a change of course in the development of ONgDB for both community and enterprise users. Since our inception in 2018, our mission to advance graph technology for public good has been hindered by multiple lawsuits. After engaging in a complicated legal battle for the last two years, it has become clear that the right path forward requires a different strategy to allow Graph Foundation to focus its time and resources on advancing high value projects for the community with clear rules of engagement.

In order to secure a clear path forward, we needed to settle the conflict and come to an arrangement that would protect the long term interests of the community. The short term impact of this decision on the community is regrettable and we are hopeful that everyone will find a way to navigate through this time while we press forward with resolve to the future opportunity we now have. This future is one that we, the community and our supporters can engage with confidence, knowing that every release produced will be done with intense scrutiny and an open, rigorous process to avoid entanglements and operate clearly within our mandate.

There are several steps now that have been or will be taken to effectively transition from where we are now to where we need to be.

First, ONgDB versions 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6 will no longer be supported. As such all source code, distributions and release pages will be removed from Graph Foundation repositories, Docker Hub, CDN and website. These changes will have the biggest impact for those that rely directly on Graph Foundation repositories and CDN for development, provisioning, etc.

Second, ONgDB 1.0 will take the place of these prior releases beginning as an independent fork of Neo4j® Enterprise Edition version 3.4.0.rc02 licensed under AGPLv3 and Community Edition version 3.4.18 licensed under GPLv3. Many enhancements have been and will continue to be made to create a high quality, production-ready release that achieves a rigorous standard consistent with the expectations of our contributors and the community.

Third, Graph Foundation will no longer be using the trademarks Neo4j® and Cypher® which are owned by Neo4j, Inc. The ONgDB 1.0 release will include a complete overhaul of any tools and interfaces to ensure that no restricted trademarks are used. As a result, we are introducing Geequel as the new graph query language for ONgDB. Geequel will support advances in the GQL specification as well as maintain a great deal of compatibility with the openCypher® specification.

Lastly, Graph Foundation will adopt a new approach to communications that will focus on inspiring the advancement of projects and the people that make this community great. As such, many of our prior communications and posts have been removed. We have witnessed firsthand the great things this community is capable of and we want to spend our time focused on developing and utilizing the talents that everyone has to offer – and be inspired by it ourselves to continue advancing projects that will have an impact throughout the decade.

Thank you all for taking the time to be a part of the community and your support of this very important mission. We look forward to continuing to serve you as we take these next steps together.

Brad Nussbaum
Graph Foundation, Inc.

ONgDB is an independent fork of Neo4j® Enterprise Edition version 3.4.0.rc02 licensed under the AGPLv3 and/or Community Edition licensed under GPLv3. ONgDB and Graph Foundation, Inc. are not affiliated in any way with Neo4j, Inc. or Neo4j Sweden AB. Neo4j, Inc. and Neo4j Sweden AB do not sponsor or endorse ONgDB and Graph Foundation, Inc. Neo4j Sweden AB is the owner of the copyrights for Neo4j® software and commercial use of any source code from Neo4j® Enterprise Edition beyond Neo4j® Enterprise Edition version 3.2.14, Neo4j® Enterprise Edition version 3.3.10, and/or Neo4j® Enterprise Edition version 3.4.0.rc02 is prohibited and could subject the user to claims of copyright infringement.

Neo4j®, Cypher® and openCypher® are registered trademarks of Neo4j, Inc.