1,000th ONgDB (Open Native Graph Database) 3.5 Download

We are excited to announce today that we have reached our 1,000th download of ONgDB 3.5, the Open Native Graph Database project!

Up until 3.5, Neo4j, Inc. had been developing neo4j enterprise as an open source project. After Neo4j, Inc. raised an 80M Series E round in October 2018, it quickly closed the neo4j enterprise open source code and removed it entirely from the neo4j GitHub project. This sudden shock to the community was swiftly responded to by The Graph Foundation to organize a community that will keep the original vision of developing a native, scalable, open source graph database alive. You can learn more about the Neo4j, Inc. shift to Open Core in this article.

We are proud of this community that has worked to keep neo4j enterprise 3.5 open source. Building an open native graph database to reach the masses is our mission and reaching the 1000th download is a sign that we are succeeding in our mission to put a scalable graph to work for everyone. We are excited to be on this journey with you all and to keep this project advancing in the open for all to see, experience and build exciting businesses and products around. For more information on the ONgDB project and access to downloads visit the ONgDB Project page.

Thank you all and hope to see you around in the community!

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